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    Default hebron

    I live in Hebron, Ohio. Close to Buckeye Lake. Mostly fish small streams. Love those smallies.

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    Thumbs up johnstown ohio

    HI I fish Buckeye lake a lot saugeye and whipers .just redid a boat for fishing haven't been out yet to much work.glad to see some other buckeyes here

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    I live in Cleveland about a 1/2 mile from lake Erie. Fishing is great over here and I also love big bass fishing at LaDue reservoir off of route 422 and rt 44.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pike Bait View Post
    Hi peeps,
    I live near Rocky Fork lake in southwestern Ohio. I fish Paint creek, Rocky fork, and Cowan lakes.
    How is Cowan Lake? I stumbled across it a few days ago and am wondering if it holds some nice cats and plenty of bluegill and crappie.

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    Rocky Fork lake, Ohio


    Yea Esuper,
    I've fished there since a young boy. I've caught a lot of cats near the campground. Some of the inlets from the creeks hold many crappie. Dad caught a 15 incher on a roadrunner once. One of my favorite spots is no longer accessible by road and it's a long walk. I had an enormous muskie roll up by my float while crappie fishing once. I was saying please don't mess with my minnow and wreck my gear, hehe.

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    Default Monster's

    I live in central Ohio and fish Racoon Creek and AEP ponds among other's

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