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    Post your name here if you live in Georgia. You could also post the Lakes, Rivers and Streams you Fish.
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    Rick. I live in Loganville Ga and i mainly fish on Lake Oconee, but I also fish many other places

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    Jimmy Tybee island Ga

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    Larry Temple Ga. I live on Lake Buckhorn about 360 ac. I also fish Legion Lake which is owned by American Legion Post 70. I fish mainly for crappie, blue gill, and cats. KEEP ON FISHING

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    Hey everyone, just came in here from Georgia!!! Only been back into fishing for a few years after being away from it for over 30 yrs!!! Wow I had/have a lot to re-learn!!!
    I fish mainly for fun but have a wee bit of a competitive streak with some folks from work...he he he!!! I live north of Atlanta but like to fish all over. Friends and I travel to Lake George, Fl. every year for a week of Bass and Shellcracker fishing, also love fishing for Crappie. Want to fish for other species when opportunity and time allows.

    Anyone from Ga. please speak up!!! Lets go

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    Greetings from greater unincorporated Suwanee, GA. Our local lake is Lanier but through recreational and tournament fishing over the years I've also been known to frequent Allatoona, Burton, Hartwell, Russell, Clark Hill, Sinclair, Oconee, Jackson, Chatuge, Nottley, West Point, Eufaula, Harding and Seminole. My primary angling partner is my son and I guess we'd be filed under Bass fishermen. There are times when we target Crappie, Bluegill, Catfish and the Striper/Whte/Hybrid Bass as well.
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    Woodstock Ga, Allatoona, Lanier, Carters Lake, Hartwell, Blue ridge lake, Clark Hill, Oconee, Jackson, Sinclair, Chatuge...etc.etc Oh.did i mention i like to fish

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