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    A few months ago, a couple local and regional publications contacted me and wanted me to cover the BASS Master's elite series in La Crosse, WI. I had no problems covering this because I already knew a couple of the players for BASS from various fishing show I've been to over the years.

    I scored some sweet media ride alongs, and got to watch some of the guys fish both pre fishing and tournament fishing. I have to say I was impressed on how they fish, obviously they wouldn't be where they are at if they weren't good at what they do.

    Being primarily trout in the summer I had a hard time grasping how slow the bass guys fish. I fish a hole for about a dozen casts and move on if there is no interest. Infact, I recall saying to one of the anglers I was riding with "I can make 10 casts to your one." his reply "thats why I catch 10 fish to your one". It 's a good point.

    After the weigh-ins, I got to go back stage and interview some of the bass guys. Every Bass guy I interviewed said the same thing: "'ya all 'aint got big fish, but you sure do got a lot of 'em." It wasn't just the bass fishing they found challenging. They enjoyed the multiple of speices that they can catch here. The BASS guys caught garr, large mouth, small mouth, northern pike, and dog fish; all predators that share the waters with bass. One angler came up to me at dinner and said to me "my arms are getting sore from catching all these fish. I've NEVER had a day where I've caught so many quality fish."

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    After obtaining an ankle injury, I had to hang up my trout rod for the summer. I am able to bass fish from my NuCanoe as long as someone is around to help me load and unload it.

    I have been implementing some of the skills I learned while watching the BASS guys through the glass, and have been having a lot of fun frogging.

    Work 'em slow and let your rod tip drop when you see the fish hit the lure. Lots of anglers tend to set the hook right away when the see the bass grab the frog. This is a mistake because it will rip the lure out of the fish's mouth.

    Bass don't have teeth, so they have to turn the frog in their mouth to swallow it better. when you drop your rod tip, you are giving the fish some time to turn the lure as well as giving yourself some leverage to set the hook. When the bass runs the line tight, that is the time to set the hook.

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    Another mistake anglers make is reeling the lure in too soon. Often times, when they miss a fish, anglers have a tendency to bring their lure back quickly to work that spot again and catch the fish they missed.

    When one does this they are overlooking the possibility of other fish in the area. Bass often travel in schools - if you miss one, keep working the lure back to the boat or shore and then do what lure repair or inspection. NEVER discount the possibility of getting a hit next to the boat or shore as the bass or pike will follow and strike at the last second.

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    I love frog fishing...have been doing a little frogging myself lately. here's the place I frog fish...and a recent catch.

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    Good information here folks.
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    Nice shots Mo! I can see your casting pattern in the muck... I see your more of a flop flop pause kinda guy.
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    Limit of nice bass from a local cranberry marsh

    My first bass double- drop shot rigged with bombshell turtle used as a surface lure, with a 5 inch worm on the bottom set. Bass #1 hit the turtle, when I was bringing him in, Bass number two hit the worm.

    When I realized what happened, I called my partner over because I needed a witness~ lots of 4 letter words were said during the commission of this catch.

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    Fishin with a frog when I was kid was my first introduction to top water and it was a way to invade a bass house that no other lure could ,as we had tons of weed infested ponds and small lakes and full of fat bass ! Thanks guys for the pics!,, y'all got me wanting to grab my bass rod! Great pics!
    Most of my lures catch more fishermen than fish !!!

    Fishing is God's way of saying he loves us!

    Wishing I was Fishing

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    Hey are a few more shots of my frog fishing swamp:

    P.S. CRA...I took these pics from the thread here called "Today on the Water"...check it out if you haven't already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mo65 View Post
    Hey are a few more shots of my frog fishing swamp:

    P.S. CRA...I took these pics from the thread here called "Today on the Water"...check it out if you haven't already.
    Nice shots buddy!

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