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    Cool Out fishing yesterday and today

    this is me yesterday on a pretty good day of fishing in the creek next to my house for the native trout

    this is my pap yesterday, they were caught in the same place

    this is me today after fishing before the rain. it is a nice 17 inch brown trout i caught it in the same creek that is next to my house

    these are the fish that me and my pap caught today. the top fish is the big one i was holding
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    Nice! I know how cool it is to be able to fish right next to your house. When I was a teenager in the early '60's in Florida, my grandparents lived on Cypress Creek and I fished from the bridge over the creek and along the banks. Creek is kind of a misnomer as it was about 40 yards wide. Sure wish i had fishing access that close today!!!
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    It sure looks like you had a great time.
    them are some nice trout.
    thanks for shearing them.
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    Ahhh....the beauty of having fishing or hunting out your back door. The hunting part I know.....not the fishing...!

    pfleuger, good doin's and nice fish!!!! Glad you & your Dad had a good day!
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    Nice job take advantage of having the creek so close to you I used to have a 100 acre wood lot behind my house that I hunted and trapped all the time until all the new neighbors moved in
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    Gol' dang PF! That is just the perfect set-up! Next to your house and thumpin' big Browns AND Brookies! I haven't caught Brookies for years, but I grew up with them when I lived in PA. Where's Loganton- you may have a new neighbor! Nice pics! Best---- JoeW

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    That's another spot you wont show me

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    Betcha them brookies are gonna taste good. also Nice browns.


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    The Lord has surely blessed you in many ways my friend. Close to house is a beaut of a fishing spot. A great catch of fish. A great day with Pap. Ahhh yeah. It reminds me of times with my dad fishing in our pond. Thanks so much for sharing. God Bless. Dave
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    Congrats! Those close to home waters are nice.

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