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    Cool My New Lure Project

    Due to "things goin' on" I have been away from my lure making for a while. I finally got started again, so when I'm not fishin' I'll be making some lures to catch em with.

    My newest idea was a frog lure. A buddy and I went to an antique mall and I saw a handmade frog lure there. It was nice but they wanted $165.00 for it. It wasn't that nice.

    I decided I wanted to try my hand at some carving where I would have to focus on more detail than with my other lures.

    The pics are what I came up with. I laid my pocketknife next to it for size comparison. The knife is 4 inches long.

    I didn't put any front legs on it because most frog lures I have seen don't have them. A few people I have showed this to said it would look better with jointed front legs though. What is your opinions? Should I add front legs? If so how do you think it will affect the action of it? They really wouldn't have any normal action, they would just drag to the sides and back as it is pulled. I thought of making solid front legs when I started, but decided they would probably create too much resistance. I am going to try to paint the frog to look like a small bullfrog. The design for it was from my own imagination in part and a picture in the MO conservation fishing handbook. I made my hook placements from the knee joints and one from the belly. That seemed like a logical placement.

    Post up some feedback with your ideas. I will post pics of it as it goes along. God Bless. Dave
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    I like it the way you have it carved now. If it was Me I would not add front legs. I am looking forward to seeing it as it comes along. Looks like you are off to a Great start.
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    I have an idea Dave...make one with front legs and one without. Then test them...let the fish decide!

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    You missed your calling. Nice!
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    I'd leave the front legs off. Lure looks great, you're a carvin' machine db!
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    That will work. Looks as good as any frog I've seen. Painting frog patterns is a real pain though .Cause you to say ' Dirty Ratsa Frats'
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    db that looks great! keep up the good work

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    Looking good db! Real good! Those eyes are gonna look great! Like an "improved" version of a vintage Paw Paw Wottafrog! the Wottafrog had a belly treb, and small treble at the very end of each leg- maybe kept the trebs from tangling?

    And I would think your right- front legs might be unnecessary and may make enough air resistance to make it tough to cast? Just guessing- not a lure maker! Ribit Ribit! Can't wait to see finished product!

    Best---- JoeW
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    Very nice. I lke seeing what folks can do with their hands, my dad was like that but not me.

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