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Thread: I'm Back!

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    Smile I'm Back!

    Howdy all. Well, a lot has happened since my last post. Our weather has been very unseasonably warm so I decided to take advantage of it a few times. Nothing but a few small ones for the effort but it was sure nice to be out fishing again. I've had a long run with no computer so that alone has kept me away. Lo and behold, a cousin of mine had an old box he sold me for 25 bucks and it works great. Thank you Jesus.

    I went to a local conservation lake a week ago and wouldn't you know it, motor probs. Couldn't get it to shift into reverse. Fished all day and got skunked, came home and made preparations to take the motor to get it looked at. Next day, I took the motor to my repair guy and then twiddled my thumbs for about 4 days. When the call came in I could tell by the look on my wifes face it was bad news. Lower unit was shot. New parts cost more than I paid for the motor sooooo I recon I'll just hold onto it and maybe I'll find a parts motor sometime. Got lookin' around online and found a nice 6 hp Evinrude for cheap so I just bought it. The 6 hp ought to push me just fine and now I'm happy again. Thank you again Jesus.

    With the warm weather, yard work and honey do's have had me hoppin' like a frog. I have been battling bag worms like mad. I never seen them as bad as they are here this year. Can't walk across the yard without stepping on hundreds of them. The trees look like an over done halloween spider web decoration fest. I'm gonna try some of them for bait. At least then they might not be totally worthless.

    My wife and I are fixin' to be grandparents twice and possibly 3 times. Tim and his wife are expecting and the doc said it might be twins. Our daughter, Mandy and her husband are expecting also. wheeew.

    My fishing trips are getting limited on mileage and frequency. Gas here is almost at 4 bucks. I know some of you all are paying more, but for our area here the economy is pretty rotten and high gas prices affect everything real hard.

    All in all things have been pretty good here.I have most of my yard equipment serviced and up and running smooth (Thank you again Jesus), I have some of my camping equipment serviced and ready to go. I just have a few more small things to do then I'll be ready for serious fishing. Lol. I suppose this about constitutes a book so I'll end for now. God Bless. Dave
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    Good to see you on Dave!

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    Glad to have you back Dave !! Congrats to Tim and His Wife and Mandy and Her Husband ! MAN have you got alotta reading to do...LOL Lotta Great information and photos to catch up on. Plus looking forward to seeing and reading your posts, photos and stories also.
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    Happy to have you back old friend. Mo65 caught some bass on your Li'l Dave lure! He's the first to do so I believe. I'll be trying again Friday/Saturday. God bless and welcome home!
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    Hi db! Your posts can't be too long for me!

    Tough break on the motor- good luck with that

    Congrats on the good news! Watch out though, I think Missouri has a limit on the number of grandkids you can "catch" in a year! Best wished to you and everyone! Better get some extra rod/reel outfits rigged up and ready.

    We'll be talking. Best---- JoeW

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