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    Cool Possible PA Record Trout !

    Steve Cook of Virginia caught a 23.5 inch, 7 lb 14 oz brook trout on a streamer in Yellow Creek on Christmas Eve. This is according to the fish commission's "biggest fish of 2011" page. The former state record was a 22 inch 7 pounder caught on Fishing Creek in 1996. The record before that was set in 1994 with a 6.9 pounder.

    I NEVER lied about the size of the Fish I caught....I just remember them being BIGGER!

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    wow that is one big fish.
    Be careful my Daddy has a BIG SHOTGUN!!

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    Geez! Looks like a laker almost! I see he caught it on a centerpin fly reel! That must have been a thrill! The brookies I used to catch in PA, and still do here in WNY are beautiful, but tiny, little 8-9 inchers! I'm moving back to PA! Best---- JoeW

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    Wow, what a fattie! I've never seen such a fat trout.
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    Great fish!

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    That is a nice brookie!!!!! Great to see it was caught on a fly rod, even if it is graphite.....!
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    Chunker trout needed to go on a diet anyway!!
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