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    Default Moving to Ohio>>>

    Just wanted to ask where the best fishing is in the area of Trumbell Co. Im just a man from Mississippi that fishes daily and looking for somewhere to go. If you know of any paid ponds of ponds that I could fish and release, please let me know! Thank in advance, hope you all have a a great day!

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    Send a PM to Mo65, he's in Ohio and can probably help you.
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    Hey teasleytj...Welcome to the Buckeye state! I don't think I can help...being from the southern part of the state...but another member here...Mr. he can tell you where to try. He is in MI now...but spent a good amount of time where you're headed. Shoot him that PM.

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    Default trumbull co fishing

    try mossquito a boat is best and then there is pamatuning (sp?) about june a boat is best.

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    i'm not sure if there are any pay lakes left in the north east part of the state. there are many lakes within 15 miles of you including mosquito, pymatuning, new lyme, milton, berlin, west branch, walborn, deer creek and a few others. 25 miles out, even more. we are also blessed with some fine river fishing. the mahoning is right at your doorstep, though i doubt if i would eat any fish from it unless they were caught above newton falls.

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