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    Hello to all. I am coming to the Youngstown, OH area on Monday and will be working up there for a very long while it seems. I am from Mississippi and an avid fisherman. I am just wanting some advice on the best places to go within a hour or so drive? Also looking for some paid ponds to fish as well. Thanks for all the advice in advance and hope to hear back from alot of you. Have a good day

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    Welcome to the place to jabber about fishing im sure some of the guys or gals on this site will hook you up
    wid the info you seek ! enjoy and look foward to your pics and posts !
    Most of my lures catch more fishermen than fish !!!

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    Welcome to Outdoor Fishing.
    This is the place to talk fishing. I am sure there will be members here who can help you out.
    Just let them know what type of fishing your looking for.
    what fish you target ect.
    If you did not know DA GILLS are my passion !!

    There is no loosing in fishing.
    Either you catch fish, or you learn.
    Either way it is better than working!!

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    Pymatuning Lake is a great place to fish. It's about 45 minutes from Youngstown, to the north. And you are coming into the area at the right time!!! The crappie fishing have started to pick up and the walleye will follow shortly.

    PM me or call me and I can get you started in the right least close!!!

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Espyville Outdoors
    1545 State Hwy. 285
    Espyville, PA 16424

    [email protected]

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    Welcome to Outdoor-Fishing. I'm sure Mo65 can fix you up with some great fishing locations.
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    Welcome aboard teasleytj! Espyville is right...Pymatuning would be an excellent place to start.

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    Thanks for all the responses. I will def. try out Pymatuning Lake. Thanks for that link Epsyville, I will be in touch in the next week. Do they have guides?

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