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    Default Flir camera... Great camera to use during fog!!

    I remember before i had a GPS, I got lost in the fog... Now flir created a solution for us!!!

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    Alright here it goes! My lost in fog story.

    This was about 5-6 years ago when I went fishing with my father and a few others. We got to the lake during the day and decided to hang around for some fishing during the afternoon. At around 8PM a thick wall of fog just dropped to the lake. Sight distance was around 7 feet. So we're hanging around doing some fishing and decided to finally head back. At this point we were about 1 mile from the boat launch. Back then there was no GPS or anything like that. We're lost! We have no idea which way the dock was, and the only flash light we had in the boat was a cheapie plastic one with very low batteries and bad lighting (old flashlight). We decided the best way was to get out on the bank and look for a house, or something to find our way out of this mess. I stayed in the boat while my father went searching for a house. He took the cheap flash light and set out. It took him about 2 hours until he finally got back. We slowly guided the boat the right direction along the shore line to the boat launch. What an experience! My father later told my that the cheapie flashlight went out on him and he almost stepped off a cliff when suddenly the flashlight beamed a quick light and he caught himself from falling over!

    After this experience, we got a GPS Fishfinder unit and always had a anti-fog light as a backup device! Boy, we sure learned a lot that night!

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