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    Default January 1st, 2012 Vol. 3 No. 1

    January 1st, 2012 Vol.3 No.1

    A summary of what’s new, posts & threads, and items of interest from around Outdoor-Fishing. A good place to start learning & enjoying yourself! JoeW

    My Observations & Notes:

    Congrats to WW as a Bronze member for all her efforts, including the facebook page! AND to her new responsibilities as Moderator!

    Holidays are done. Hope yours went well!

    Ice-Fishing contest including kids division now underway! Choose pics wisely and remember how they will be judged- link here: “Ice Fishing Photo Contest” PaJNS.

    NOW- over 10,000 posts and 1500+ members! Congrats to all of us for making this site what it is!

    Don’t be afraid to start a new thread instead of making a reply post. Got a thought that doesn’t quite fit an existing thread-- start a new one!

    Here’s The Way I See Things:

    Great Deal! “FREE Advertising !!” PaJNS. For a limited time- free banner and link at Outdoor-Fishing to your fishing related business or store! Details at:

    Thread Worth Viewing: “How much line on the spool?” slipperybob. In-depth discussion of proper spool filling with a bunch of surprises!

    Neglected thread! “Fish Pic Gallery!” Need some more members contributing here!

    Must Read! ”Need a project + Preview” toadfrog. It’s Fronkintoad, or “Frank” for short!

    Great posts: “Economy Fluid Bed” toadfrog. Great DIY for you jig makers!

    “White perch fishermen look at this !” tacklemake. Never heard of, or saw these. Nice looking fish!

    Great Fishing Tips: “Practicing Jigging” slipperybob. Now THAT sure beats filling a bathtub everytime!

    “Cutbait and Walleye” slipperybob. This DOES work!

    Worth the Read: “Ice Fishing Safety” PaJNS. Better to read yhis now, than later!

    Well Described! “What's The Big Deal” toadfrog. The master recommends going to the gym before using this one!

    A Story to tell: “Lucky Find!“ mo65. One man’s trash IS another man’s treasure!

    Ice-Fishing Events! “WINTERFESTDERBY.COM Iowa Fun!!” WildernessWomen. Jan 28, 2012- Click on the link--- if you can make it- this looks like THE ice-fishing event of the year!

    “Wheels on Ice” PaJns. Feb 12, 2012- Great idea- helping challenged people get out for a day of ice-fishing!

    Hilarious: “Dangers of Ice Fishing” Pajns. Without a doubt one of the funniest 7 seconds you’ll ever see!

    What Outdoor Fishing is All About! “Prize Donations, Heros On The Water” WildernessWomen. How about a little payback to people to which we owe so much!

    Most creative user names: “doodah 84”- Welcome to O-F, and can I venture a guess what your first name in your user name could be?

    Most creative Signature: “I FEAR NO FISH” mo65. Isn’t that what Quint said?

    Picture Puzzle: At the bottom are 5 pictures I gathered from all over O-F, and below is a list of 5 captions. Nope, they’re not in order with the pics! Can you match the right caption for each picture?

    The 6th pic is for YOU to come up with a caption and post it here! I know there are a bunch of comedians here just waiting for a crack at this!


    1. “the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker”
    2. It’s easier to catch ‘em if you use a rod and reel!
    3. I might take this as a bad sign!
    4. OK, on three, break!
    5. Trip to the dentist waiting to happen!!
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    Your newsletters are always a great review of the month JoeW.

    My answers to the Picture Puzzle: (You ARE correct! Don't want to give it away for everyone else! Best---- JoeW)

    6. Great, now how do I get this Hula Popper hook out of MY lip?
    Last edited by JoeW; 01-01-2012 at 12:48 PM.
    "Channels are cool, but Flatheads rule!"
    ~Outdoor-Fishing Pro Staff~A.C.C.A.~BoatU.S.~N.R.A.~

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    LOL! hadn't thought of that one- gonna be tough to top it! Best---- JoeW

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    The guys down at the club house....they all said to practice CPR.

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    JoeW another great review.
    Are you going to do a Year in review?? Kind of like the major news stations have done LOL

    B&B you beat me to the punch. #6 Never mind how you are going to get the hula popper
    out of your lip. How am I going to explaine my new lip piercing to my wife ???
    If you did not know DA GILLS are my passion !!

    There is no loosing in fishing.
    Either you catch fish, or you learn.
    Either way it is better than working!!

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    LOL! This is fun for me just watching you guys come up with one-liners! Good ones mo and cwd! Best----- JoeW

    Hmmmmm- year in review--- I like that!

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    #6 I aint never kissing another fish, MEDIC!!!!!
    Most of my lures catch more fishermen than fish !!!

    Fishing is God's way of saying he loves us!

    Wishing I was Fishing

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    Western PA.


    Hmmmmmm.......Sushi !
    I NEVER lied about the size of the Fish I caught....I just remember them being BIGGER!

    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and....HE WILL STEAL YOUR FAVORITE SPOT."

    "There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why, I dream of things that never were and ask why not"---RFK

    Outdoor-Fishing THE Place To Talk Fishing and a Great Place To Be. Spread the Word!!
    Spread the WORD!!

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    OK- You guys all took mine- seriously! Here's what I came up with: "Gotta 'member tak uff lure b'fore kissn ma fish!"

    Best---- JoeW

    This is reminding me of one time I was fishing along the bank. Came upon a man and young boy- maybe 6 or 7. Heard a screech "Gol dang! Son, you gotta watch where your casting!". I turned around and sure enough- the kid's line ran right up to a lure stuck in Dad's ear lobe. Then he continued "That's the second time you've done that today!". I left. Best---- JoeW

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    Still looking for captions! And go through the letter- lot's been going on! Best---- JoeW

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