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Thread: Line cutter

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    Exclamation Line cutter

    Here is an ideal line cutter to keep in your tackle box. The plastic credit card sized letter openers with a razor blade cutter in them. The blade is sharp enough to cut braid, and you have no exposed blade so it's safe on a bobbing boat!
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    Thats kinda like i use except mine is a seat belt cutter looks the same just thicker

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    I generally have a handy pocket knife around.

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    I keep a pair of fingernail clippers on a lanyard around my neck. Then if I'm on the boat or in my chest waders up to my armpits I have a handy cutting tool available. It's also near impossible to accidentally drop off the apron of your float tube when it's tied around your neck! I keep a spare set in the boat for my backseater just in case.
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    Hmm...looks like everyone has their own handy line cutter...guess I'm no different. I carry my trusty Bill Dance hook remover right in my pocket...it has a line cutter built in.

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    Hi hoss, and welcome! yep- I carry a retractable lanyard pinned to whatever shirt I'm out wearing, but in addition to the nail clippers, I have a pair of long nosed locking forceps and a wire loop needle threader.

    nail clippers: sure beats trying to gnaw through 15 lb mono (although they don't work well on braid)
    forceps: removing hooks, saves fingers and fish!
    needle threader: better than switching back and forth with reading glasses to thread smaller hooks!

    Basic, on-the-water tools for me! Best---- JoeW

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    I have a couple of these in my desk drawer.
    looks like they will have a new home, My tackle boxes.
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    Default Anyone have one of these line cutters?

    I bought a sweet deal back in January from Fish Itch. It's called a Tailknott'r Angler's Tying tool. It's a patented knot tying tool that ties a patented knot plus at least 30 other knots. It helps me tie strong knots quickly. It also splices line, and cuts line including my braided lines. It also has a built in BOTTLE OPENER and an eyelet for attaching a zinger etc. Of course I only use 4-5 knots for most of my fishing but I'm watching the DVD to see if there are any other applications I can use new knot tying techniques for. My knots are a lot stronger now and that has made the price of admission for this little tool well worth it (I got it for half price as a deal of the week on Fsh Itch.

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    If it was half the price that makes it twice as good.....


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    I usually use nail clippers, they work great for mono, but not as well for braid. That usually requires the 'ol pocket knife

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