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Why I love Steelies!



Just got back from a few hours Steelhead fishing my home creek. Water, a bit muddy, but weather beautiful! Took one smaller one, maybe 3 pounds, which was released. After a dry spell with no more hits, fishing a 1/4 oz Little Cleo that I "custom" paint myself-- I was drifting/retrieving it slowly through the tail of a pool with a moderate current. :eek: And Then----- Thump--- thump! Rod tip dipped, a few very heavy throbs, and Whomp! Bent my rod down parallel to the water, jerked my arm out straight, barely held onto it! I never caught up to that fish--- rolled on the surface like a whale, and I saw a tail come out as wide as both your hands together! Finally got the rod up, hand back on the reel handle, and---- line went slack! Dang! I know how "the biggest fish are the one's that get away", but this was probably the biggest Steelhead I've ever had on in that creek, and I've landed them to 12 pounds! I tell ya once again, there is nothing like the speed and power in Steelhead!
I gotta go take some ibuprofin- I hurt on my right side from my ribs, to the shoulder, out my arm, to my finger tips! That fish gave me a whuppin'! Best---- JoeW

Hey, since it's fishing season everywhere once again- where are the fish stories from you people! Let's hear them! :D


Thats the way fishing goes, you never hear someone say "man I had the smallest fish of my life on and then it got off". sounds like lots of fun. the closest steelhead fishing I have to me is in Idaho.


That is hilarious, bd! That'll be quoted in next month's newsletter! LOL! But it IS true! Best---- JoeW