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Why are they called "Steelheads"


Executive Administrator/Owner
Does anyone have any data or input as to where the name Steelhead came from?


From the top, the head is a gray-blue "Steel" color, especially on fresh, healthy specimens. At least that what I always thought. Have to check again.... VERY SOON!

Hey- here's a tidbit of information for you all. Both the Largemouth and Smallmouth belong to the genus "Micropterus" - which in Latin means.... "Small Fin". Why would the bass with that big double sail-like top fin be called that?shrug

The rest of the story: The guy giving the fish it's latin name (Nelson, in 1876) had had a defective soecimen sent to his lab for study! The top fin had been mutiliated down to just a nub! That caught Nelson's eye and thus he named it "Small Fin" or Micropterus. doh Huh. Best---- JoeW


LOL! I think you're thinking of "Ol' Jinglebells"-- the legendary Wisconsin muskie whose mouth was so full of lures it had broken off, that when it jumped, it sounded like jungle bells. Best---- joeW


New member
Out in the NW they call fresh fish "chromers" for the bright chrome-like coloring. Check out steelheadstalkers products.............I'm in the process of bringing their products East!


They must have a head made of steel to survive the 750+ miles of dams and rocks from the ocean to their spawning grounds?


New member
Believe me, but such a test has been around for a long time. The tab is called Device Report, all errors on the last page. If there are any.