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Question? what would you have done

bass or bass?

Think I'd take it to be verified. Any fish that breaks a record is most likely near the end of it's life anyway so why not get the certification?shrug
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Now that is a Crappie. Not sure what I would do until I held a Monster that like in my hands...just sayin.....



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B OR B hit it in the nail, Me ,I would have kept it most likely verify it than bring on the hot grease!being it was a crappie!
Sorry to say, but it would be on the wall! Ive kept plenty to eat, mounted a couple, an let many go but a legit 5 would be hard to pass up for the record. But I get not wanting to kill it, could always do a replica


I agree that it is hard to say what i would have done unless it had actually happened. But I'd like to think I would have taken all the measurements and released it. Then had a mound done based on the pics and measurements.