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Question? Voters Choose Pink for 2015 Fishing License Button


Jerry A
I'm curious as to the admin of this program. It says the button has the angler's customer identification number, the same number displayed on a paper license. So is it a sticky back label that is applied to the middle of the button (the 000-000-000 part)?

I understand that you can't purchase the button until you buy a license and that if the angler is carrying a valid paper license, a valid button is the only display requirement. To me it makes sense on two fronts; first as a point of pride for the angler and second as a visible sign to conservation rangers that the angler has purchased a license. Here's the story I was reading:

Here in Georgia the license and associated tags are now printed on your laptop if you purchase online and there's absolutely no display requirement in the field. The conservation ranger would ask to see your license just as an officer would ask to see your drivers license and registration for a car.

It seems that in some states you have to visibly display a folded up license. Was/is Pennsylvania this way - with regard to a visible display requirement of the license?

bass or bass?

Arizona is like Georgia. I keep my license in my tackle box and produce it on request by Arizona Game & Fish or the county sheriff's deputy. Both of those agencies patrol our waters. My two cents


Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
In NY, your license does not have to be visibly displayed on your outermost garment. You just have to produce it upon request from a LEO.


New member
Believe me, if there is a least cost effective way to do something, the Commonwealth of Pennswoods will figure a way to do it.

solitario lupo

Back in the old days they used to give you the button with the license. They stopped it for awhile and now they want to bring it back for more money of course.
Yes here in PA u have to display your license at all times u are fishing. If u dont u will be stopped and checked. Ive fished other states and they all have there own rules, so if ur not sure ask when u buy the license. Im so used to displaying it i display them all haha.
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In Alabama you must have it in your possession, but only show for LEO. However in SC, you must have it visible on your outter garment.