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trying to upload a picture


Bronze Member
I'm trying to upload pictures from my phone so I hit reply then go to manage photo and try and click on choose file and nothing happens


Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
Fishermen154...Uploading pics from a smart to O-F is a bit tricky...Not all cell phone internet browsers are supported...The easiest ways to accomplish this are one get the "Tapatalk" App available in the Google App store or iPhone store or create a Photobucket account which is FREE and up load the app to your phone. Then once the pictures are in your photobucket app, you can copy the image link (use IMG.) and paste it onto the thread...It's really simple and probably the best way to go if you don't want to pay for the Tapatalk app. Or you can try to use a different internet browser for your phone...I find Firefox and Dolphin work best for browsing the internet from the phone.