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News Traveling OF Muskie Tie 2013


Executive Administrator/Owner
Outdoor-Fishing now has a Traveling Tie. Members can Host the Tie for one Month. While you are Hosting the Tie take pics with it and the Fish you catch or just just a pic of You and the Tie and your favorite Fishing Spot, Lake, River or Stream. It is the Hosts responsabilty to forward the Tie on to the next Host. There will also be a Log to fill out and forward also with the Tie. Signed up here for YOUR Month to Host the OF Tie.

Mar....desert rat
Apr....Bass or Bass
Oct.....mr bill?
Dec...Bass or Bass

Here is a pic of the OF Tie.


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Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
There ya go BorB...Now your learning the "art" of sporting! ^!


Aw come on Sam! What could be more fun than standing along the road fishing and have a car load of teens go by screaming "NICE TIE MORON!" :D


Executive Administrator/Owner
3 Months left DR..you tell me which one you want to SPORT the Tie. Some of the places you visit would make the pic alot better if you was wearing the OF tie...just sayin.....LOL

bass or bass?

I'm definitely going to be sporting the neck wear in April; not only will I get the O-F Musky tie, but the NAFC mystery fish tie as well! :eek:

I'll be one double "tied" dude!
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desert rat

my wife wanted me to wear the tie to church and a couple of members saw it and said i should have, but figured if i had a tie i would have to pass sacrament. so i chickened out