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Gallery Traveling Lures Picture gallery



Hey fellow members, I am proud to be first to post picks for the "New" traveling lure.

Lure - Broken Back Jitterbug

Area Fished - Lake Nockamixon, PA

Date and Time - August 27th - 11:00 PM

Catch - 2 blue gills and 5 lb bass fishing from shore. Can't believe the size of the bluegills. LOL

It was first night out using traveling lure. Might I say " may the fish be with me "

I hope this is incentive for all you club members to keep this awesome event going. Especially the current members holding lures.




I want to give a special thanks to B & B for sending me that awesome traveling lure. The Red Hooks you added to it.....lets just say... what a nice addition. very sharp, very cool looking.

Tom, thanks for getting this going again, I'm glad I was first.

bass or bass?

Congratulations water wolverine!! Glad you like the upgraded hooks, the factory ones are awful. And I'm glad that my Jitterbug hit the success button first!!:D


Hello again fellow members. I am proud to be hosting yet another Traveling Lure, its nickname being the Seagull Lure. While I have been having fun getting out and using this lure as well as others, I have not had the pleasure of landing any fish on this one yet. I did have a nice weather day on the Lehigh River that typically produces many species including Large and Smallmouth Bass, Pickerel, Musky, Perch, Rock Bass, Crappie ( Calicos we call them here), bluegills, etc.

I have attached some photos of where the "Seagull Lure" got to take a swim. It will soon be moving on to enjoy another swim somewhere here in the US.

Hope to see many people get involved and give these great "Travelers" many places to visit.

Date: September 16, 2012
Body of Water: Lehigh River
Location: Bethlehem,


Mr. Blank

Wishin' I was fishin'.
I took six pics, but that old camera only held three. The rest are lost... But, no fish were caught so it's ok.

Ok, the two pics of the water are of Buckhorn Reservoir in Wilson, NC. Me and my little brother, the guy in the one pic, went there early in the AM and found this nice little spot off of a dead end road where the state removed an old bridge years ago.

The wind coming off the lake into our faces made fishing difficult, and after a few hours we moved to the other side of the lake. It's the pictures from the boat ramps there that were lost. Strangely, when we got to the other side the wind was more or less gone.

The Black Jitterbug did attract some near hits, but nothing wanted to actually take it and hold it long enough for a hookset. Better luck next time.


I fished the Pocono Spoon (off white in color) at Grand Lake o' the Cherokees in NE Oklahoma. What a great lake. The place we stayed was called Lee's Resort and is on the Northeast side of the lake above Grove, Ok. Most of the time we were there the wind was out of the South which made fishing great where we were. There was a steep rock wall on the near side and the water was about 40' deep. The other side was shallow. Ended up catching fish on both sides with a small silver crankbait but nothing on the spoon.
Sorry I don't have pics.


Bronze Member
That Seagull lure was gotten off a live seagull who was wrapped up in string was one happy bird after that hook and string was removed ! I've caught trout with it!


Traveling Lure

I just wanted to let all of you know that I fished the lure in two spots. I fished it in the Thames River near a docked ferry(PIC included), didn't catch anything. And, I fished it in Lake of Isles, North Stonington, CT.(caught a pickeral). I tried to take a pic of the pickeral, but it slipped from my grasp and bounced off the deck and back in the water.(PICS of the lake included)



Type of Traveling Lure

I have the SPRO 1oz Bucktail Jig, white/gold with a yellow curltail Trailer. I only used it for 3 casts in saltwater, no fish. I used it for 5 or 6 casts at the freshwater lake and caught the pickeral on the 4th cast.
I continued to fish the lake with a red shad 5" Senko worm and caught 4 LMB and 5 pickeral. It was a good 2 hours of fishing.


Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
Cool deal Lureman! Hey, try using Uncle Josh Pork Rind No.57 (forked twin tail) in the salt for stripers. You'll get more action on the bucktail with the longer pork rind trailer.

John T.

Gold Member
Sorry this took so long here are some pic's of the jitterbug on my home lake of Sayers dam in centrial Pa. it is in Centre Co.

I was fishing the edge of an old road bed the fish seem to hang here all year long.


Hey Johnnie, glad you had some success on that Traveler. Glad to see someone else get one on the Bug that B or B contributed. Thanks for posting and keeping this thing going.


I'm back on the board! Thanks for the advice Mo!!!

Kyoban Spinnerbait strikes!!!
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