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News Traveling Kyoban Spinnerbait


Executive Administrator/Owner
Here is YOUR chance to Test the Lure so many are talking about and having Great success with. Test the Kyoban Spinnerbait by Crooked Mouth Tackle Company. The color that will be traveling is Black. I have listed the months below and you can post here what Month you would like to Host the Lure. The length of time you can host the lure is 1 month. After that you can send it off to the person hosting the month after you. If you lose the Lure ,OF ask's that you replace the Lure. I think its only fair since CMTC is donating this Lure for us to Test and pass on. Also if you do not pass the Lure on you are subject to being banned from OF.



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Executive Administrator/Owner
Come on...signed up and Test the Lure everyone is having Success with and see for yourself.


P.S. I appreciate all you O-F members out there who haven't wanted this traveling lure. I still enjoy all the fish I catch with it

If you want it, let me know!


BorB, I know you have lots of spinners, but if you are getting out again this year, I would recommend that you try this one out. It's the best spinner I have used, and you may find you love it as much as I do.

bass or bass?

This year due to various personal crises I've only been able to fish twice. :eek: And I don't see anything happening anytime soon that will change the situation. Consequently I won't take on a traveling lure as I don't know when I may be able to use it. But perhaps I'll just purchase a black Kyoban to try. It will face stiff competition from my current personal favorites; Death Shimmer spinners in white/silver blades and bluegill color with gold blades ^!, Boo Yah spinners in chartreuse/white with silver blades, and hand made spinners using deer hair in blue/green. white, and red/white colors.