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Data Timeline of Outdoor-Fishing


Executive Administrator/Owner
He is a post by the Founder of Outdoor-Fishing..Fish-hook.

"December 2009
-On the 25th of December, the Outdoor-Fishing.com domain was registered. Yes, that's Christmas day (though, I think it was actually night time when this happened)

-About three months later (March 2010), I met our technical administrator and a former staff member (JoeW). The tech admin. installed the forum software (and all the other tech stuff), and I added our first generation logo. At that time we were running a different forum software called Simple Machines. After multiple problems and much complaining, we updated to the vBulletin forum software (what we run now).

June 2010 to Sep 2010
After vBulletin was installed, the forum went through many changes, updates, new designs, etc. You can see this if you compare our forum to any other forum site. OF isn't a basic forum layout, the amount of time invested to make this all work is just too much to comprehend! Along the way, JoeW and I, advertised OF and we were able to raise some awareness (although I think we got more spam bots then members which meant tightening our security system).

At this point, I realized that running a forum was like running a full-time job, so while advertising OF, I ran into a guy called PaJNS from another fishing forum. I pretty much bribed the guy to come over here and help out.He was fairly proactive at the other forum so I promised him an admin position over here, and... well... he took the bait!

Sometime in the summer of 2010, we officially launched Outdoor-Fishing with a giveaway! (giveaway thing still happens until this day- now you know where this part comes from) Our membership grew slowly, PaJNS did lots of advertising, and we did more forum updates in the background.

Bass or Bass? was added as a moderator in the Fall of 2010. (He's a veteran on the mod team). As time progressed, we continued to advertise and membership grew steadily. Somewhere around this time, PaJNS had health problems and had to go through surgery which meant less time on OF. After his recovery, he came back with full force and kept advertising our site (by this I mean, putting ads in just about every "free-ad" site on the net).

Spring 2011
This is when talks about me retiring was starting to get serious with PaJNS. I told him that I simply didn't have enough time to keep OF going. At this point, the training process started and he began to learn what it was like being a "real-admin". Months passed before I officially stepped down from my position as admin. We spent many days going over admin duties- learning to code, update, backup, advertisements, etc...

He took over officially and dedicated lots of effort to bring more members. He set membership goals, tried new ideas, and brought many other sponsors on board. His dedication is a prime example of what it takes to be a good admin.

Fall 2012
Here we are talking about the history of OF. As I look back I see it as a journey full of prayers, long and countless hours, and much learning! PaJNS took OF a long ways, especially with the advertising and membership here. Many people (like myself), never envisioned that running a forum site isn't just about putting together a forum template and later sitting back to relax and watch the members walk in. The websites that stand out the most are those that have staff members working around the clock to keep things going. These are constant duties, improvements, and a lookout for new methods to stay ahead of the competition. If you lack in any of those three, you're already asking for failure.

Another thing that I wanted to mention is our advertisement system here. One of my original goals as an admin, was to bring together small fishing businesses and help them expose their products more through cheap advertising. What we learned ( I think PaJNS would agree), is how many small fishing businesses actually exist out there that struggle with the advertising part of things. Advertising isn't cheap, and those that do take advantage of it, will generally push out the small businesses that don't invest into it. This I look at as one of the most successful things that happened at OF."


Executive Administrator/Owner
Outdoor-Fishing has come along way. And with the Membership's help we can truly make this Community The Place to Talk Fishing and a Great Place to Be. When I took over Outdoor-Fishing I also never thought that OF would grow like it has. BUT I am amazed daily at the information shared here. The Membership here ROCKS !! Yes I put alot of work into OF but my passion is fueled by the Membership here.

To the Membership of Outdoor-Fishing....Thank You for making Outdoor-Fishing what it is. The Place To Talk Fishing !! To the Staff......I couldn't ask for a better Team......Thank You !!


Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
I would like to personally thank you PaJns for the job you do here at O/F. I wasn't a member when fish-hook started O/F, but I can see what a great job you have done since he past the torch on to you. This is the place to talk fishing. We have awesome members and a great staff! Besides, where else can I sport my braid and stuff lunkers in peoples faces?! :D

bass or bass?

Yep, O-F is definately THE place to talk fishing! I used to be a member of several other sites. Now I'm down to 4. Two are local Arizona sites, one is "The Dark Side", and O-F. Outdoor-Fishing blows the others outta the water! Thanks PaJNS for carrying the ball foreward after Fish-Hook retired. I'm proud to be a staff member here! :D


i am proud to say i only am on 2 fishing sites 1 is iceshanty and the other is here @ o-f and i must say here @ o-f the members are alot more friendly. i have to give pajn kudoos great job on the forum this is a very nice site


I agree with everyone. I have been a member only a short time, but thanks to O-F and it member I have found a home. The administrators do a great job, and the member share information and stories like old friends. I would like to say thank you to the administrators and the members. This is a great place to be.