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The Okuma Guys Go Fishing!

Hammer Bombing w/Jeff Robles, Robert Nguyen & John Bretza of Okuma!

The Izuo Brothers Show for fishing tackle retailers & distributors is almost here in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Ala Moana Hotel. So Jeff asked if i could introduce the guys to shoreline Whipping. Basically it's the local term for spin casting using a weighted cast assist device (lead eggs to water filled bubbles) with artificial lures and/or baited leaders. In recent years Bill Newton of Ewa Beach Buy & Sell invented a new type of cast assist device for our local market, The Hammer Bomb.

It's a nearly indestructible resin cast assist delivery system. There's the original weighted version, glowing & unleaded, floating & a light flashing "Flash Bomb". Of course we had to go fishing on one of the coldest days in years at night. I equipped the group with the Floating 1.5oz Hammer Bombs using 15lb fluorocarbon leaders with #4 O'Shanessy Mustad Hooks. Our whipping rigs were Okuma's 12' Rockaway Spinning Rods with the new Okuma Blue Azores 4K Spinning Reels (i was still using my original Azores 40) loaded with 20lb braid. I elected to equipped the group with CHL "Complete Hooked Lures" glow grubs while it was still dark, then switching to Golden Gobies after sunrise.

Well Jeff & John got early hits that came off, John hit a toothy fish that nearly cut his Goby lure in half but the metal insert saved it. Poor Robert got a bug the day before he flew in so he opted to soak in the sun. I was using a "Flash Bomb" that looked like a flashing Christmas tree in a miniature globe. It gave an indication in the dark how far were casting as we all threw roughly the same distance. After freezing for hours Jeff took us to his favorite North Shore restaurant Ted's Bakery.

Well so far i sucked as a guide. This time of year fishing is lean. So we drove back to the South Shore & i took the gang to a calm flat area 15min from Waikiki for Bonefish. Finally i got a fish, a small Jack Trevally on a 1.5oz Floating Hammer Bomb. John & Jeff were very impressed & happy using Hammer Bombs and opted to stick with it instead of switching to lead eggs.

Even though it was a lean day for fishing it was great talking shop & sharing information & ideas with good friends. I'm going to have to take my boat out of mothballs & take the guys trolling during the summer months next time for Wahoo & Mahi-Mahi!

My thanks goes out to John Bretza as he took some of the pics used & the intro video. Only a fellow videographer will know angles & lighting. Most importantly to grab a scene as it happens. Mahalo!