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The "Dark Side"


It has been some time since someone has mentioned the NAFC . Well, no matter what people thought of it before, it is worse now. Oh, the home page and access to articles is nice but the forums are almost gone so not much reason to hit them much any more.
Same for the hunting club----good thing there are lots of other sites to go to. I think "Scout" may kill the clubs, maybe not intentionally but it seems that they are getting close.

bass or bass?

When my membership runs out I will not renew. I let them know the ONLY thing keeping me a member was the magazine and now it is just an oversized Field & Stream. I don't hunt and don't want hunting articles in my fishing magazine. And only 4 issues per year? Ruined! :mad:


I said how there rag sucked on there web site and dared them to respond so they cut me off from the forums so thats how they responded

bass or bass?

What a "Tool"!

Years ago I defended NAFC from it's detractors. Now I feel like I've been played like one of P.T.Barnum's "suckers". :eek: :mad:


I agree with you. It bothered me when folks would complain about not getting enough free stuff. I was there for the forum and my beloved magazine. now the magazine has went down hill. i have not seen one in some time now. I read somewhere that it was just digital now. I may be old fashioned in thinking it is nice to kick back with the mag or take it on your fishing trip to pass the time while not on the water. not all of us are connected all the time. if i could cancel I would except for being a lifetimer.



At one time the NAFC was worth defending--now it is not.
I do not know if the magazine went digital or not, I have seen no evidence of that. I am a member of SASS and their magazine, the Cowboy Chronicle is now digital and I almost never look at it any more. I also preferred to kick back and go through the printed magazines at my leisure.


Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
I haven't been on the NAFC in about 2 yrs...No clue as to my membership status, profile, etc. etc.. Haven't received a magazine in about a year and a half. Honestly couldn't care less about the NAFC.


Bronze Member
I guess what you guys were saying is O F is the place to talk fishing! Lol !
Never was here for the swag ,was here because we talk the same language and I have made Pals wid some fine folk!