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The BEST Underwater Camera-SPYDRO!

Just Modified With a New SS Feeder Wire!

My first day doing underwater videos since the Pandemic shut the State down. It was hot, no wind. Then the storms moved in. While sitting under a tree watching the Humpback Whales breaching i watched my Okuma Surf Rod tip dance w/the bells ringing. I knew i was going to get some decent UW footage.

I was field testing my modified SS Feeder Wire Leaders. These customized "feeders" not only allows the bait from flipping back over the camera due to surge & current but also keeps the hungry fish visible to the camera's lens. It was a big success. I was able to record fantastic videos of fish feeding. My local friend Jeff Konn noticed a trait never seen before. Young Bluefin Trevally were showing dominance traits while schooling when food was introduced. The largest "Alpha" started showing aggressive behavior when other Trevally became curious. These traits were never witnessed before. The lack of humans observing fish in the wild shows a definite need for similar units to observe ocean life in the wild.