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How To Tapatalk App for Smartphones


We have discussed this before in chat, but I think it's time we put an official post out there.

The Tapatalk App lets you post directly from you smartphone without needing to try to navigate the website on the small phone screens. ^!

Start by going to the App Store for your phone. Wether it's Apple or Android, Tapatalk has an App for that! Both free and pay versions are available. Pay versions allow more features, but both allow you full access to the site.

Once you have downloaded, what do you do? shrug :confused:

Use the explore function and search for Outdoor-Fishing. Log in with the same username/password as you would on the site.

From there, you have access to the Timeline, which shows you posts as they show on the Home page of the website. Newest posts show at the top. Any posts that you have not read will have a blue dot next to the post, letting you see which posts are unread.

Also available is the Forums tab. This tab allows you to look at any specific topic you choose. Tap on the Forum tab and choose the Sub-Forum you want to view(i.e. Freshwater Fishing, Saltwater Fishing, etc.). Then you can see all posts under the chosen Sub-Forum also listed in order of the newest posts for that Sub-Forum.

Subscribed tab. This lets you look at any thread that you have posted to, also in order of newest posts.

Messages tab allows you to see your Private Messages. Remember that based on your membership level(Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, unsubscribed) all have different number of available messages and you will need to delete messages before you exceed your limit.

Search tab is just that, you can search for threads using this tab.

And finally is the People tab. This tab allows you to see what members are currently online.

When posting to threads from tapatalk, just tap on the thread you want to post to, then tab on the button in the top that has ... inside a bubble. Then simply type your post and hit reply.

If you want to post a picture, you have options. There is a camera function that will allow you to take a picture and post direct. Or a icon that looks like a picture that allows you to post a pic already in your photos. This works best if you tap on the ... button and set the photo sharing to Tapatalk.

Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding Tapatalk. :cool:

No get out there and <><!!! Then post to us from the water.