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How To Striped Bass Lessons


Jerry A

These guys are passionate about what they do and have assembled a page of lessons that could be useful. The Oakwood Striper Club fishes landlocked Stripers on Lake Sidney Lanier. If you are interested take a look.

BTW - These "Lessons" may also help our Young Anglers. My advice is to read about whatever you are passionate about. Read anything that you can get you hands on. This is how we learn. If at first it doesn't make sense just wait and one day that 2+2 moment will occur and the light bulb will come on. This is just how my brain works. I'll think... I read that somewhere ??? shrug Trust me as I am in a technical world so there's no time that I am not reading something about something - just to stay ahead of the curve. The same goes for my fishing adventures.


Jerry, I agree completely. Read whatever you can, whenever you can if it's something that you love. Never stop learning, because when you stop learning about it, you'll find you don't love it as much.

bass or bass?

Thanks Fish2DMax. I'm going striper fishing in March and haven't done so since 2012. Great refresher courses form me! ^!