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Spring Walleye


New member
This is probably a stupid question lol
but is it legal for me to catch and release walleyes when they go out of season?
My home town lake closes walleye fishing from mid March til the first of May


Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
It all depends on your states DEC/DNR rules and regulations. That's something you would have to look up. Most states have there rules posted on the internet/website.

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solitario lupo

Glad to see u finally joined. Welcome to O-F. A lot more members and answers on here than the other board. Now back to walleye haha. They say your not allowed to target them but if you catch them, then an immediate release. Nothing saying you have to stop fishing. There are some lakes that don’t close for the season. I might be wrong on this but I think pymatuming might be 1. Like barresi said check it out on fish comm.. website.


I agree with solitario here. If u catch a species outta season, and release immediately, then u should be safe.

But with that said, double check the local regs to be safe.

bass or bass?

Is someone going to prosecute you for accidently catching a fish? :confused:

We don't have fishing "seasons" here in Arizona; you either go fishing or you don't. <><


Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
Here's the thing...Some states have rules that specify you can not intentionally target a specific species if out of season, etc...(that includes no catch and release) That being said, "by catch" is totally different. Now the DNR officers are not as dumb as some might think...If bass is out of season, and the law states no intentional fishing for bass, and your there with rods rigged with bass lures and baits, and you tell the DNR officer I'm fishing for cats...your more than likely to get handed a nice ticket...that's why you have to check with your states rules and regs...

bass or bass?

I agree with barresi. Arizona used to require extra fee for a trout stamp on your license to fish for trout. If you accidently caught one without the stamp and immediately realeased it, you were OK. Now all species are included in the license. Of course the license fee went up $15 as well. I prefered the stamp idea better than all inclusive as now I get to pay extra for the opertunity to fish waters and species I don't fish!. :mad: