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Gambler, I think I am a bit too far north for the snakeheads to get a good grip. There was some concern when one was caught in a Chicago lagoon, but the following spring a check couldn't find any.


Fish ON!
I know further north, there are the northern or giant snakeheads. Fun fight. A good 10ler will make a 15lb bass feel like a bream. Lol.


New member
I have read that they eat pretty good. The meat is supposed to be white and flaky and full of flavor. But I don't know this to be fact.


Fish ON!
They are very delicious. I have eaten plenty of them. The good thing about these fish is that they dont breath through thier gills, they breath with a lung. This allows them to adapt to any water conditions, oxygen depleted and all. So with that said, they dont get contaminations in their system that other fish may have, so they are alot cleaner. If you have never tried it, you are missing out. Beer battered and fried, mmmm mmmmm.


I keep hearing that they are really good eating, and would love to try some. We don't have any in our area yet, but from what I hear, it's only a matter of time. I've read that they are getting so bad in some states that these states are sponsoring fishing tourneys and cook-offs to try and help get the problem under control. Don't think they'll ever get rid of them, but hey, fishing tourneys and cook-offs; do you really need your arm twisted? :D


Fish ON!
We have Snakehead Roundups down here. We fish for them, unlimited amount, have to come back dead, most weight of fish wins. One tourney, the winner was around 80 fish totaling just over 200 lbs.


I remember 15-20 years ago someone caught one in a small pond in Bowie, Md. Everyone was in a tizzy about it. I had never heard of them before.
I don't think we have them in Kansas. At least I haven't heard of anyone complaining about them.


#Team StingRay
I don't think we get em' this far up in Florida but ive seen videos of Captain Shane doing snakehead roundups.