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small stream fly fishing.


here is a scenario, an example of a small stream in my area. I wanted to see what others may think about the best equipment to use. lets start off by saying that I either use a 9' 5wt rod or a 7.5' 5wt rod on this stream. the stream averages maybe 8ft across with a min of say 4 ft in the tight chutes to maybe a max of 15 ft when it spreads out a bit. lots of boulders with plunge pools and brush and trees right to the edge in a good majority of the water. it is a pretty difficult stream to wade in with all the boulders and very slippery. if I can I will get in the middle and cast upstream or in some of the open areas I will use a typical cast. most of the time however it is short sidearm or roll casts or just flicking or dropping the fly into a pool. I have found both size of rods have its pros and cons. the 7.5 is easy to handle in tight spots but the 9 ft gives more reach when i am trying to drop a fly in as I am reaching around a bush or something. BTW this stream would be a good candidate for Tenkara. does anyone have any preferences or good ideas for handling this type of situation. the stream I am dealing with has a population of small wild browns, planted rainbows and some brookies.

bass or bass?

Well Brian, you seem to have approached the situation with both rods as best as possible. I don't stream fish so I can't offer any other advice. I will say that if it were I, and the casting was being done in mid stream without overhanging branches, I'd go with the 9' for casting distance. My two cents

solitario lupo

Got a 9ft myself. its hard casting them on the smaller stream. I usually use it for an hr then get tired of not being able to cast it, get caught into tree branches and stuff. works great for those big creeks. after playing with it for an hr ill switch to my small spin gear set. i tie a fly on that with a small split shot. in a smaller creek that should be all u need. if you need a longer cast just put on a small bobber on for extra weight.


I remember the late Jason Lucas saying that he thought that 7' was about ideal as it is long enough to cast well but short enough to work in tighter areas. This includes the trip into these spots which may be a bit overgrown.


this stream used to be my spinner fishing mainstay but now I am trying to use every opportunity to use a fly rod.