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Review Ski's Spinners


Jerry A
I got Ski to make a little larger spinner and he provided the 1/2 oz size in three color combinations. We're using them as jump baits for schoolers on my home lake. This past weekend my favorite was the Fire Tiger while Jeremy preferred the Candy Raspberry White White Spinner color. It seemed they wanted to chase something so we were just burning the spinners as fast as we could reel them! For some reason we didn't get anything to hit the White on White Chartreuse Trailer Spinner, but what's to say that's not the one they prefer next time out.

Ski thank you for providing a quality product. We noticed that the longer trailer actually swings side-to-side as a fish tail does as it moves through the water. Too cool ^! I also gave two to a buddy last night. I think he'll like them as much as we do!