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Secrets of Hawaii's Reefs Revealed by Spydro UW Cam!

Spydro Underwater Camera Was Tossed In 30min Before Sunrise!

During this video i condensed over 3hr of 30sec clips into 20min. Of course it started out darker with less fish around to the normal daytime brightness with more fish around as they were waking up. The pearl in these segments was a rare large Golden Trevally "pao'pao" being tagged by a small Bluefin Trevally "omilu".

The pao'pao is rare. Part of the Pig-Lipped Jack family. They primarily feed on crustaceans like crabs, shrimps & lobsters. The lips are extremely thick so crabs can't pierce it. Since they feed on rich crustaceans the meat is extremely tasty! I believe this is the first ever video showing how they feed as they are rarely encountered.

They hover at a 90* angle to the suspected buried crab & will grab a mouthful of sediment to expose it. This pao'pao was seen twice doing this with a small omilu in tow looking for scraps. Personally i was excited to see this. This video had a lot of species in it. A turtle, surgeonfish, moorish idol, barracuda, jacks, leatherbacks, bonefish, etc. Enjoy the underwater show:)