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FAQ Report Post Feature.


Executive Administrator/Owner
Not sure if all Members are aware that we have a Report Post Feature. This feature can be found right under the Posters information in the left hand side of a post. The first feature is a round circle that will show Green when that member is Online. The second feature to the right of that circle is the Report Post Feature..... Oversights will sometimes happen so we ask that you kindly notify us of anything we may have missed. Let us know if you are receiving unwanted PM’s or e-mails, especially those that contain advertising. Report anything you consider offensive or in violation of the Guidelines by PM to an Moderator or staff member or use the Report button. We need you to help us make a good community for all to enjoy!


Executive Administrator/Owner
I would like to give a Hats Off here to members of the Staff here for doing a Great job. Thank You ! Also a Hats Off to the Members. Thank You ! We do have a good staff/membership here and YOU make Outdoor-Fishing what it is. A Clean Community and The Best Place to Talk Fishing ! Outdoor-Fishing is Proud and will always Strive to maintain a Clean Community and will not settle for anything less.


Have I said this before O-F ROCKS
thanks to all the staff, everyone is great. I am happy how the form is ran and maintained
I know my kids read over my shoulder and I am never scared they will see or read anything
I would object too. Keep up the great work.


Executive Administrator/Owner
If you now look to the top right of every post, Fish-Hook had added Report This Post. It is right by the number of the post in that thread.