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News Public Scoping Meetings - Changes in Trout Regulations


Jerry A

The topic of eliminating the trout season has appeared which as I read it means if implemented all "seasonal" streams would become year round water. Now I'm assuming that there will still be some exceptions like the "special regulation" streams that offer trophy or catch and release fishing, etc. There are two upcoming meetings scheduled. I am planning to be at the one in Gainesville, GA so come out and join me as we get to know the issues / pros and cons, etc. ^!

Thursday, Nov. 13
Fair Street Neighborhood Center

715 Fair Street
Gainesville, GA 30501

DATE Tuesday, Nov. 18
Red Top Mountain State Park

Conference Center/Park Office
50 Lodge Road, SE
Acworth, GA 30102


Jerry A
Quick takeaways from the meeting last night were that there are two factors in the decision that the public will be asked to make. First there's the Biology of a wild trout resource and second is the Social aspects associated with trout angling in Georgia. The wild trout were selected vs the put and take stocked fish because they are a native and natural entity that cannot be replicated in a controlled setting and replaced as the others are annually. Through many years of study and comparison on Georgia waters as well as neighboring States and one Federal agency the limiting factor for wild trout is the water quality, flow of streams and available food sources. These factors would not change if we were to go to a year round season status State wide. What also will not change is our Million Trout Stocking Program. It was offered that they cannot promise what they cannot deliver with limited space in the hatcheries and a limited State budget.

The social aspect involves the family traditions for those that have always gathered to enjoy opening day of Trout Season on the delayed harvest, non-year-round, streams. There are business interests that rely upon this spike in business. Lastly there would be an enforcement challenge for the Rangers that are already spread thin and the stocking program which was already detailed as a finite resource.

Comparisons were made and data was pulled from a six year study that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park biologists had performed as well as from the States of Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina through various collection and resultant studies they each have undertaken.

I’ll try to pull all of this into an informative blog post later today along with more quick facts for those that have an interest in these types of things.

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