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Proud dad, sons biggest trout yet


This spring has really been a lot of fun with my son. He is going to be 3 at the end of June. I try and get him out fishing, or scouting for turkey any chance I get. I try and only go when he is asking me to go or if he seems excited.

Well Saturday morning I had turned off all alarms. My wife and I fed the girls around 5:30, I just went back to bad. Around 7:30 I hear Corbin come over the moniter.


This put a huge smile on my face, and my wife knew that nothing was keeping us away from the stream today.

I know a lot of you may think I am a bit goofy for starting him so young, but you would be amazed at how much they can pick up and retain. I have been doing both bait and fly fishing with him and really letting him get exposed to both. I always let it up to him, and don't try to push my love of fly fishing on him. He is pretty much 50 50 on what he picks.
This week I was teaching him how to put split shots on the line. So I let everything up to Corbin for this trip.

"Corbin, where do you want to go fishing today buddy?"

"I want to go to the bridge, Want to catch brookies"

"Corbin, do you want to use flies, or bait today?"

"I want to use wormies and eggies"

"OK, buddy lets get something to eat, feed the baby sisters, and then we will go"

"I need my fishing hat, DAD!"

So we eat breakfast feed the twins, and get on our way to a small local stream. We are both really excited, as we haven't fished in a while. This is the first time we fished for a week or so. SO we were both antsy to get out there.
We pulled in to the parking space by the small bridge we like to fish from and I was happy to see no body was there.

I get out, get the gear, and get Corb out of his seat.
We were walking to the bridge when Corbin sees a large puddle. Anyone with toddlers knows how impossible it is to either keep them out of it, or keep them from throwing stuff into it.

He walks over and yells "BABY FISHIES DADDY!!"
I walked over and there were a ton of tadpoles in the puddle. I let him know they were not fishies, and they were baby froggies. Told him they were in a process called
"metamorphosis" and they would turn into frogs soon. We caught a couple and let him check them out. I loved how he kept trying to say metamorphosis :)
We get over to the bridge and I show Corbin how to tie the hook on. I know he would never be able to do it on his own, but figured it would never hurt to show him.

"Through the hole, spin it around 5 times, back through the O in the line, snug it up, SPIT ON IT, then pull it tight"

He laughed at me being goofy when I said spit on it.

"OK Corb, lets put a split shot on"

"Gonna shoot em?"

"No buddy, this will keep the bait down"

I took a BB out and put in on the line, I told him to pinch it down with his fingers and how far to slide it up.
He did, and then I did the final squeeze to secure it.
"Corbin, what do you want to use for bait?"

"I want...... 2 pink eggies"

THe stream was low, and crystal clear, so in my mind these two monsterous salmon eggs he gave me, would not be ideal, but this was Corbins trip, and what ever he wanted to use we were going to try.

He couldn't cast from where we were set up, so I pitched it up under the bridge. I see about 10 trout come flying out trying to eat the eggs, but they just swiped at it.
I pulled up the line, and slid the split shot a bit closer to anchor it down a bit.
I re cast and see a tank come out and grab it. I set the hook and the drag starts screaming.

I get Corbin and work us to where we can fight the fish better.
We get down to a manageable spot and I just hold on to him, and let him do his thing. I am trying to teach him the importance of keeping the tip up, and he knows how they get off if he doesn't.

I guide him through everything.

"Keep you tip up.... Don't wind, don't wind...Ok hes getting tired wind a little......"
The trout is tiring out so I tell him to pick the tip up and bring him to me.
I forgot to tell him to stop winding.
We have a 16-17" rainbow about a foot away from the rod tip flopping back and fourth.
I reach out and get my foot soaked trying to grab the trout.
I got it and see that the fish inhaled the eggs, and it got caught in his gills. He was bleeding pretty bad so I knew that this on was coming home.
I snagged a few pictures on the stream.

I bit the line and tried to revive the fish, but knew it was not going to work.
I put the fish in a back pocket water and tried to keep its head in a fast bubbling current while we continued fishing.

We caught a few more little brookies, but Corbin wanted to go catch Tadpoles and show his mom his fish. I didn't care as he caught a few, and I think it is best to let them fish when they are full into it and not force them into anything.
We got home and I took a few more pictures.

LOL not everyday you see a trout that is tucked up into someones body like that and still wider than they are..... I mean being that he is not even 3 it helps, but I think this will be an awesome picture to have printed out and on my desk.

I honestly think this is the most fun I have had fishing. I still enjoy going on my own for a little bit, but if I could think of a dream fishing trip anymore it would be with Corbin fishing his favorite bridge spot with whatever he wanted to use. Ask me the same question last year and you would get Fly fishing the First Fork.

I feel really blessed to have such great fishing minutes from my home, and to have been blessed to have a son that loves the outdoors as much as I do.


yep that is his fishing hat for sure. I haven't posted on here in a while. Since my last posts, I have added twin girl newborns. Boy that puts a damper in the fishing time.
Thanks for the read. Enjoy all those fishing trips with the kids you can they grow up way to fast. The hat is great.


Seems he knew where the big one was, that is a nice fish and I agree getting the youngsters onto a fish is a gas!