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Poke Poling


My last saltwater fishing trip was "Poke Poling" and salmon fishing in northern Ca.

Poke Poling: Catching Monkey faced eel. I learned this from my Granddad back in the 50's.
Take a bamboo pole about 12' long, tape a piece of soft 1/8" wire 15' to pole leaving 3' past the small end, make a loop that end of the wire and solder leaving no rough edges. This is where your leader ties. A 1/0 short shank hook with 90# squidding line doubled works best with no more than 5" of line. The 3' of wire past end of pole is so it can be bent to fish holes in and around rocks where ell and other fish live. This is rock fishing at its best on a -1.0 or lower tide. Walk or swim out and find a rock to stand on. Great fishing and fun. A wet suit under Levis works great.

Last catch was 6 eel