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Alert! Plan on camping at the Meet? PLEASE READ...

Espyville Outdoors

Gold Member
It's getting closer and closer to the 2nd Annual Members Meet!!! Alot of us CAN'T WAIT!!!

I am putting this out there, because I have been asked by a few members.

For those of you who are going to camp at the Espyville Outdoors property, there will be a $20 charge for the first person in your group, $10 for each additional adult. If you are bringing children (under 12) to camp with you, the fee for them would be $5. This "fee" will go towards food, beverages, supplies and miscellaneous items that we will use during the time we will be at "camp".

That being said, I will be supplying all the items for the Saturday evening meal for everyone that attends. Last year, I think we had over 25 people that enjoyed a BBQ chicken dinner. The same dinner will be provided on the meet Saturday, as well.

I will be accepting the camping "fee" by Paypal. Or if you need to set up some other arrangements, please let me know. I am not asking for the "fee" to be paid now, but I would ask you to have it to me by May 31, 2014. Please contact me by PM for payment. At that time, we can exchange information. I do not want my Paypal address seen by non-members, due to hacking possibilities. Thank you for understanding!

We will be posting more threads concerning the Meet in the near future. That way everyone is informed of what is going on.

Thanks everyone!!!
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Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
I'm in ^!...Hey when you get a chance...please post about fishing license...Thanks