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News PFBC Reduces Price of Fishing Licenses for 2015 Season


Jerry A
PFBC Reduces Price of Fishing Licenses for 2015 Season
September 30, 2014

HARRISBURG, Pa. (Sept. 30) ? For the first time in its history, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) will reduce the price of annual fishing licenses next season, a promotional move agency leaders say is intended to highlight the sport?s affordability to families and younger audiences and to persuade lapsed anglers to return.


Commission President Gavlick said he is especially excited about the savings customers can enjoy on multi-year licenses and vouchers during the month of December.

?We will actively promote the multi-year discount during the holiday season as the perfect gift for former and would-be anglers on everyone?s shopping lists,? he said. ?Individuals can purchase a gift voucher equal to the value of a three or five-year license, and the recipient may then redeem it at his or her convenience.? Vouchers may be redeemed anytime during the year.


New member
This is welcomed news, I think. One might wonder if fee costs deter interest or perhaps the difficulty in some areas of ready access to fishable water and the fact that one almost needs to be an attorney to comply with the regulations could be more at fault. I swear I spend more time reading regs than wetting baits.

solitario lupo

wow I dont think this is going to last long. every year they raise it now they are going to lower it. ill take it for now. what they also need to do is stop selling the land so we have places to fish.


Jerry A
Editorial: Decline in fishing is sad stat

More news - Commission officials are basing their decision on statistics that show Pennsylvania loses 8 to 10 percent of anglers each time the price of a license rises. Hence the discount. The numbers of anglers are important, not only because Pennsylvania receives federal funding for every license sold, but because fishing boosts the economy. Fishermen buy supplies, gas and food, and need a place to stay.



New member
Interesting...as if that federal money does not come from US too... I've an urge to bag buying any this coming year and just save my bucks for non-resident licenses in other states where I find fishing a pleasure and not such an exercise in legalese.