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OnReal Action Camera For My YouTube Channel Under $100!

The 1st "GoPro" Budget Clone For Only $100!

I decided to retire my Contours. Finally. My channel needed a face lift. Going fishing day or night in Hurricane to bright & humid extremes can cause your video's quality to vary. I needed a decent Action Camera that wouldn't break my pocket book since i fund all my video needs on my own.

Looking on YouTube took awhile. So many choices out there! Narrowed it down to 3 units that are "GoPro" type clones but no where as expensive with comparable features. So what features do i require?
1) Stabilization.
2) Easy to understand & use.
3) Under $200.
4) Semi-light sensitive. At least able to record images within 10ft of
myself at night while being illuminated.
5) Lightweight with available accessories.
6) Waterproof or at least being in a waterproof case as i'm either in
or at the water's edge.

So my first choice was the OnReal, a budget friendly GoPro style of Action Camera that besides GoPro touted having 4K capability in late 2017. Unit accepts most GoPro type of accessories. Has one of the easiest screens to use (huge borderless screen). 7-layered gorilla glass & can record on 64gb micro sd cards. I only had to purchase a headband & SD Card. The unit came with everything else including an extra battery.

OnReal Stats-
Works with GoPro accessories.
16mp picture resolution.
4K videos in 24fps/1080p in 60fps/720p in 120fps.
Up to 64gb Micro SD Card (class 10).
2-batteries (70min in 1080p/40min in 4K).
HDMI port can hook-up to TV, Computer, Cell Phone or Projector.
Has 1/4in tripod mount.
Larger screen (2.45in LCD) then the Yi Lite.
L=1.5in/W=0.9in/H=2.6in (weight=0.11lb).
Glass=7 layers of glass.
WiFi range up to 10M.
Cell phone App called- OK Cam.
170 degree viewing angle (wide angle lens).
F1.8 aperture=videos are less distorted & much sharper.
EIS=Stabilization is key for any action camera!
(Can record videos & take pictures while unit is charging).

My personal impression of this unit? Shape & feel fits my palm well. Aesthetics are good. Love the simple large screen. The only complaint is i feel the audio capability is lacking. Beyond that i'm happy considering it's only around $100! Now i can pick-up 2 more different units brand new for shooting different angles and the total investment will be around 50% of what the top GoPro will go for.