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NY Featured Fish!



In a state that brags about it's Smallmouth, Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, Pike, and Musky fishing, look what's on the cover of this years rules and regulations booklet! That ought to make you cat catchers smile! And inside, there's a featured article on another fish "of a different sorts"! Glad to see the DEC breaking a little away from the norm. Best---- JoeW



Gold Member
I always heard Grennel were trash fish taste nasty like gar. By the way a guy caught a state record gar the other day 190 lbs. Big fat and ugly fish.

bass or bass?

Yeah, love to see promotion of catfishing. After catching that 6 pounder on my 5/6 weight fly rod I've decided to set up my old 10 weight salt water fly rod that I bought in 1966 to use for cat fishing. :cool: I haven't used that rod since the year I bought it!


Bronze Member
And thanks Joe I have caught a bUnch of those in Texas growing up, yup we called trhem Grinnal ggreen slimy teeth to beware of!!


I think that cat would look better fried and on my dinner plate with some hushpuppies and cole slaw
nice fis, but better dinner. yum yum