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Data North East Panfish League

tournament permits are submitted and awaiting approval now. There is a list of pending lakes in the Events section on the league website.
If anyone is interested please tell us what lakes you would like to see the league come to.
Thanks Bass or Bass, We really think this will grow once we start in June. Things have come together very well so far and there seems to be a fair amount of interest from guys and word is getting around fast. Still lots to do and waiting on the permit approvals for the events to come back in..^!
Things are really looking good for the NEPL as of late. Our first tourney is only two weeks away now, but there has been a lot of attention drawn lately as to the fact that it is a duel season competition. The first of it's kind. I've had two outdoor editorials, one will be the Williamsport Sun Gazette tomorrow in it's outdoor section and the other will be in next weeks PA Outdoor News publication. We have numorous small sponsors now, but Thursday a big name lure company contacted me and wants to become a major sponsor of our new series. They are truely as excited as we are because they have both open water and icefishing lures. We are now both trying to get everything together as quickly as possible to have the kick off tourney announcement of this all ready within the next two weeks.
More news!

I received a phone call from a lure company a week ago, and that company is PK Lures. They truly believe that NEPL being a duel season circuit (both open water and icefishing) that we have to potential to grow big. They are a "duel season" lure company and continue to expand it's products as,well as it's reputation as fish catching magnets. With some thought (as they caught me off guard) and a couple phone calls I welcomed them with open arms with their generous offer. Let me just say that NEPL participants will not have to worry about testing new products! There is even bigger news with all this happening with PK, but,I will let the cat out of the bag on this later. ^!
Time to tell you more about PK lures! I mentioned a couple days ago that PK lures has stepped up for us in a big way, but I'll tell you more to the story and make it even more exciting.
PK Lures has a new prototype panfish lure coming out this year, "although I won't mention the name yet", they want us, the NEPL to be the first ones to officially get to try these out, then do a national press releas...e about it. This means bigger publications such as In-Fisherman magazine and other popular ones as well, and also forums that PK sponsors. With my permisson of course! They want to try and have these in my hands next month (June) so I have them for the second tournament to hand out to you if at all possible.
Let me know if this is something you might like to try out. ^!
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can't wait for the kick off tournament! So glad to see this all coming together so well for ya. This league is gonna be a lot of fun!!
It was a good tourney today on Hammond lake despite some downpours and windy conditions in the northern tier., It seems the big monsters that lurk have eluded us today, but we did manage some decent fish. A local team ( Dave Heck and Dave Heck JR), which I dubbed the name,"Team Holy Heck",took home the bragging rights for the kick off tour with a weight of 6.03, another team Tim Tomcho and Sue Quail) took the lunker pool with a big fish of 0.79 ,We lost a few teams that where a no show, and I think the weather may have played part in that, since some of those made deposits also. The guys are really excited and talking about our next event in Snyder county.
We're preparing for the next tournament on Walker lake in Snyder county PA on July 7th. A small electric only lake with some good sized panfish. Clark's Wiggley Worm bait and tackle will be open near by for last minute needs before visiting the registration table the morning of the event. Should be a good turn out and a great event! Come give it a try and see for yourself!
Thanks Pork! Pk does make some good lures. I've also landed few other lure companies including Rat-L-Traps, but I won't officially post them until we finalize things next week. I'm also starting to focus on the ice season and pray we have a good one again this year.