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New Fishing Club


So...I really want to join a fishing club. But unfortunately there are none around me that are close. So I thought I'd start my own. But I want it to be a good one, not just a bunch of guys that go fishing together. I want to start a real club that has meetings, giveaways, outings, events, newsletters, patches...all that stuff. But I have no idea how to start one.

I was wondering if any of you had any tips. I figure if I can get the word out, come up with a name, etc. But not sure how to begin. I know what I want to do in my head. Membership dues to pay for things, and all that stuff above. Anyone care to give direction?

P.S. There is a fishing club here called the West Texas something-or-other, but I researched them and all they really do is tournaments and the like. I'm thinking less competition and more camaraderie....



I belong to a Locksmith Assoication,we wanted to bring back the chapter in our area that had died out.
the first thing we did was ask all of the local locksmiiths within a 25 mile radius, Who already belonged to the assoication, If they wanted a local chapter and would they support a local chapter.
the answers were not what we expected, several wanted one. However few were willing to support it. There were several reasons why. The biggest was no one wanted to be an officer, and they did not want to put in the time required to have a chapter.
The few of us who wanted a chapter, soon found out what most people wanted, was a place
to get together, smoke & joke and swap lies. ( much like fishermen ) So we ended up forming a
locksmith club. We set up bylaws, set officers in place, found a meeting place
got Liability insurance, set dues fees. We designed a logo.
We found a print shop who made stickers for our work vans, to promote the club. tee shirts and ball caps, membership cards, a banner and statinary.
we put up all the money, and a boat load of time ( pardon the pun.)
we operate using Roberts Rules. and hold a meeting every two weeks. Same time same place.
we allow other locksmiths to attend for the fellowship part of the meetings, To help build membership. and they are asked to leave for the business parts. We also have sponcers come in and give classes, with give aways ect.
these meetings are only open to members as set forth in the by-laws.

It sounds like you have something going you just need to jump in and get it started.
Here a few tips that may help you.

1, Find others in your area with the same intrest.
2, Set up the officers, & Set the name of your club & by-laws.
3, Find a meeting place. like a meeting room at a local resturant. a lot of resturants will allow you to use the room for free. they are looking for the sales. so hold the meetings at dinner time.
4, Make up flyers, see if you can post them at local sports stores & marinas.
5, Talk to your local News paper, see if they do special intrest stories.
6, Hold membership drives such as a BBQ at a park find some sponcers who would be willing to
hold small classed at the park, as well as provide some small give aways, you would be surprised how many companies have special funds set asside for events like this.

To start you do not have to spend a lot of money, but you will be using a lot of time getting this up & running. It will be time well spent. You will not get anything out of this if you do not invest in it.
Run it like a good ol boy club, and it will be just that. Run it with Pride & professsionalism
and it will be the club everyone wants to be a member of.

Good luck. Keep us posted with what happens.


Nice explanation! All sounds like great help advice. As soon as I get started I will keep everyone posted here. Thinking about running an ad on craigslist here for members and the flyer ID is a great starting point as well. That will be a good catalyst I think.


bass or bass?

Hey BrowningMan, I too wanted to find (or start) a multi species fishing club for friendship. There are many fishing clubs here, but they are all tournament clubs and I couldn't scare up anyone else interested in just a friendly fishing club. Tournament fishing is very popular here in Arizona. We have a group of 4 that fish together fairly regularly. I enjoy our laid back relaxing fishing style. Actually, my partner, Danny, and I fish pretty hard casting lures and flies for bass, stripers, and sunfish ( for flathead catfish bait) while soaking natural baits for channel cats and fishing the live bait at night for flatheads. The other 2 guys, Rick and Richard, usually just toss out bait and kick back with a cold beverage and wait for a fish to come along. It would be nice to increase the size of our group sometimes though.


More Questions

So here's my newest question in the establishment of a new fishing club. I'm thinking I should recruit enough members to at least establish the upper structure of the club, president, vice, chair, treasurer, secretary etc. My thinking is that once the club has a hierarchy then the upper structure can then go and recruit members as well, making the word of mouth and advertising bit compound itself. Not to mention when people have a "title" it usually makes them more motivated, moreover; it will provide confidence to those structure members and allow them to buy in so to speak which should yield more results on the marketing end. Basically, networking on steroids. What do you think about that? Secondly, or maybe firstly, LOL, what are the main parts of an upper structure and what are their job descriptions? Is it just the ones that I mentioned above or am I missing something? And what is each of those members responsible for directly?

Thanks again :D


Look up Roberts rules of regulations.
this will help you set up your offices and give you a better understanding as to their jobs.
something to remember is the officers do most of the work.
so if you figure out what neede to get done. split up up into equal parts giveing each person
something to do. set a time limit as to when it should be done.
you have a great Idea.
almost everything you will need to learn can now be found online.
just do a google search on the topic.


Roberts Rules of Regulations. Got it. What kind of things would need to be done for a fishing club, I mean realistically. From where I am at now, I would just be making up responsibilities. What kinds of things need to be done for it to be successful?



Ryan it's been a while. Have you had any luck getting a fishing club set up in your area ?
If so how is everything going ?
Best of luck.


How we started a fishing club was a small group of friends no dues because that will run people off ,try starting off small with a tournament $10.00 a person to enter and $5.00 for the lunker.Being a small group make it two places,total wt of three fish and lunker.What we did at our first meeting was I payed for a rod and reel and we raffled it off plus we had a 50-50.That gave us some money for the next meeting and on an on.Then after while if you start to grow you look for a hall for your meetings like ours in Maryland.Ours is the Pasadena Sportfishing group of over 500 strong................woody

bass or bass?

That's very good advice Tacklemake. I will keep this in mind if I have the time in the future to start an Arizona multi species fishing club. Thanks.


Executive Administrator/Owner
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