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Alert! New Chat Room



I am a Firefox user and have no problems getting in, it is staying there that is occasionally an issue. Every so often even though I can type and have what I type show in the bottom box, it will not appear after hitting enter. When this happens, refreshing the page usually cures it.


I've had the exact thing happen that Tom mentions above. As he says, refreshing (reload) cures the problem.


I have been having trouble with it too. Using IE, it will work fine then start cutting half of the conversation off... (Think cutting a sign in half). I have to leave the OF site and come back to get it to work right again.


Does anyone access the chat from Blackberry. Please let me know. I get a private chat page but cant see any messages or able to send any.



Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
ww..I'm able to chat from my HTC Sprint Phone. You might have to install a different web browser in the blackberry from the app store. I found Skyfire web browser works best with this site as far as being able to chat.


Executive Administrator/Owner
The New Chat has been disabled. The Old Chat is up and running for awhile.