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Near Dead Turtle Rescued!

The Heat Was Terrible & It Didn't Move For Hours-Thought It Was Dead At First!

I noticed what i thought was a dead turtle before sunrise. I could see nesting tracks of another turtle alongside this one. After +4hr i was thinking this one died from the strain of laying eggs. When i walked over the shell & skin was bone dry & the eyes covered w/a mucus skin covering. Not good. It had shark attack marks as well. When i moved it there was no life until i picked it up. Then it slowly started to resist so i turned it around facing the ocean.

A week ago i was asked to leave Bellows Beach Park due to the Marines having drills on the beach. The guy in charge was pissed i was there & asked me how i got by the guard. I said "what guard"? A public relations officer chatted w/me after noticing others coming in. I was asked not to take pics & to kindly leave the area. No problem. Then the guy in charge came back again & explained turtles are nesting so me out there might be trampling on turtle nestings of eggs.

Ok, so i pointed out the amphibious tank on the beach (the same one they were field testing at Keehi Lagoon a week earlier) and i said "like your tank is doing now"? Boy, the look i got from him while i was walking back to my car:)