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My Young Padawan Angler Zeke w/his Largest Chub!

Fishing With Zeke Planas! Caught His Largest Chub To Date!

Today it was a hot humid fun day fishing off the pier with Zeke. He's still trying very hard to land his first Barracuda. He's mastered the techniques of catching live bait & his parents recently outfitted him with all new rods & reels. His shyness has disappeared & is full of questions. He loves bait casting dead & live baits & today he was introduced to ballooning. This 16yr old is like a sponge & is fast becoming a great shoreline angler!

Today he caught his largest "enenue", a Chub or Rudderfish. I could see that grin! He wants to do everything on his own, i'm there to recommend. He texted me what does he have to do to get a fishing company to recognize him as an outstanding angler? He doesn't realize he's slowly doing it by building his foundation. As his friend & mentor i'll try to steer him in the right direction. I met his dad while Zeke was waiting for his ride. He proudly told me he got his start fishing for Salmon off Whidbey Isle in Puget Sound, WA State.

When fishing for Chubs it's hard to target the larger ones as the more aggressive smaller fish tend to stay above to snatch the bait first. Today Zeke figured it out and learned another technique to add to his arsenal!