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My Favorite Pier Leaders!

Using Cork Balls To Present My Baits At Depth!

The advantage of fishing off a pier is the depth you can achieve & the distance from shore. So sometimes i employ different baiting techniques that i can rarely do from the shoreline. Nothing is written in stone, you can vary live to dead baits & non-floating to floating presentations. I have noticed the predators will be attracted to a floating live bait as the bait is aware of it's presence which the predator senses & may start thrashing more which will put the predator in a stalking stage. For a cut dead bait it also makes it become more noticeable as well.

Another popular way of presenting baits is to float them out via balloons or other types of floatsams. For this the winds need to be favorable. Again these are my favorite techniques & it may or may not work for you. Choice of baits to different locations & species inhabiting your areas will create different responses. Good luck:)