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Gallery My challenge to all is to take more kids fishing


one fishing fool
I truly believe in fishing from the sporting aspect to the learning curve required to become good at anything in life and i challenge evreyone to take kids fishing whenever possible we have a local group here takoff take a kid out fishing and teach our new fisherman right and from the start. we have found that it doesnt matter what you catch from the smallest bluegill to 40 pound halibut there hooked from the start and the future of the sport we love will continue on.

Let's make this the official "photo with your kid fishing" thread!


Executive Administrator/Owner
Great post! SO true....Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


Give a kid a fish, you feed them for the day !
Teach a kid to fish, you feed them for life !!!
Fishing is fun, but it is way better when you have a kid as your fishing buddy.

bass or bass?

Well you know there is no way to replace a LUCKY fishing hat. LOL


I'm even worse than that. Not just the hat, I wear the same clothes on my fishing trips. I just don't feel right unless I'm wearing my "fishing clothes"! I do wash them after each trip though. lol.
This one does alright... Her older sister is another story, however.. I imaging that Auj will give up on the outdoorsy stuff for a few "late teen" years before long. Here's another shot of Auj - so far, she's a pretty good hunt / fish buddy..




Geez! That's great! But yea- watch out for those later teens when Daddy isn't the most important , smartest, best looking, etc. thing in her life.:( They eventually come back to their senses though! :) Best---- JoeW

John T.

Gold Member
I don't have kid's of my own but my freinds do. LOL they had a derby at our local hatchery so i got em some rods and here's what hapened

landlock salmon


John T.

Gold Member
he caught the salmon but didn't want to hold it, she was all about holding the fish and letting them go.