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My 12' Rockaway HD Surf Rod Field Review!

Okuma Rockaway HD Reviewed on Location for Casting Ability!

It's been a week since i got my 12ft Rockaway HD by Okuma. This is the most powerful Rockaway Surf Rod ever released! Rated at 6-16oz. 70/30 split for loading-up. UFR "Ultimate Flex Reinforcement". 24/30 ton low resin carbon blank. Deep pressed Sea Guides with zirconium inserts. Textured shrink wrap handle. 6-models to choose from ranging from 9-12ft.

I added the NEW Cedros Carbon 14000 Spinner with 65lb Soft Steel Eminent Braid to complete the package. This reel is 15% lighter than the all aluminum Blue Azores Reel of the same size. Also both has 44lb max drag. My final touch was "white" light reflective 3M tape for identification & night usage. I also added a Bell Buddy by Fishing Solutions

During this field review i'll experiment with different casting weights. The rod is stiff but still flexible enough to load-up those lead bombs. Though i never caught anything this day i've casted enough rigs to know the "feel" is good. The distribution of weight along the rod felt well distributed on the load points when i went up to 10oz. I didn't see the need to cast heavier leads as i was getting great distances with what i brought.

The only strike this day was a smashing take-down on my 13'3" HCS Surf Rod that John Bretza & I worked on for over 2yrs. That rod came crashing down using crab filled bait bags by Big Vic's. I'll try to get out more but the surf & weather aren't "predictable" at the moment.