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musky tackle?


New member
I just picked up on sale a quantum cabo baitcast #31 270 yards of 14 lb test. what is the best type of line?, mono,braid,floro and what test and color, whats the best leader and type of rod to chase these guys. thanks,stevied


Bronze Member
I know I sound like a salesman for their company but ugly sticks won't break ,and have excellant backbone. I use a Abu garcia 6500c on big lakers and will catch your muskies with a thrill a second action ,14lb a little lite I would go 17 or 20lb stren, for braid I luv fire line, good luck.IM going this spring to blue lake here in New Mexico its said to hold some big tigers never caught one but my fishing buddy has caught quite a few. I like using a fluro leader with the braid.


Hmmmm- interesting!

I never liked Lunker Sticks, although I have a friend that will use nothing else. I always found the tip section is just too soft-- I like my rods to bend in an even C-shaped curve, stiff throughout the whole length. I posted that I have a Cabella's Flippin' stick that I actually cut off some of the tip just to get that action I like. Reels-- love the ABU's too, only I go one size smaller with the 5500's. Yep, 14 lb a little light, I use 17-lb Trilene Extra-Tough or some Spider Wire that I've had for years (tough to cut and tie knots with it, though). Sounds like my Musky tackle is just right for Lake Trout, too!

OK, ready dugger... I didn't even know NM had WATER! I just thought it was all sand and cactus! (Sorry- had to get "even" for your comment to me under the Snowfall thread! LOL! ):) Best----- JoeW


Bronze Member
Sure JoeW Im still going fishing Sunday, rainbows are biting and will catch a fat lake trout or two go build ya a snowman lol

bass or bass?

Hey you Abu Garcia reel lovers, I have an alternative that's conciderably less expensive and I really like mine. It's a Bass Pro Shops Mega Cast MCM 2000. They also make a smaller capacity MCM 1000. They are priced at $39.99. Check them out!


Bronze Member
Allright Guys there has got to be a way to get some free swag from bass pro shops for a give away like a multifishing photo tourny since we all use them. C'mon get on that , sorry just an Idea for free swag maybe some MCM 2000s just bouncing ideas