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Alert! Membership Feedback


Executive Administrator/Owner
I am always spreading the word about Our Community here at Outdoor-Fishing. Always trying to spread the word about What Outdoor-Fishing is all about. I would like to include some of the members comments in those ads. You can post yours in this thread and I will use them when I place ads. Why you became a member....what you enjoy here the most and what keeps you coming back...etc...

Thank's ahead of time.

bass or bass?

That's easy; O-F is by far the friendliest fishing site I've found. Also, one of the most active. It's my #1 fishing site! :cool:^!:D

No profanity, family friendly. Always helpful advice instead of snarky insults to questions asked.
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My first surprise after joining was the wide variety of experience shared by the members. From fresh water to salt water, from 30 footers to kayaks, from dedicated bass men to cast net fishers on the coast. The chat room is always a good time, with activities ranging from fishing and tackle tips to just good humor and a lot of laughs. I also think of O-F as the best site on the net.

Espyville Outdoors

Gold Member
I can honestly say I found Outdoor-Fishing by mistake in October 2011. Now I am glad I came across the site!!! Not only from an advertiser's point of view, but personally as well.

I can't remember when I first started advertising on Outdoor-Fishing, but I can definitely say that it has been money well spent. The advertising rates are economical and the quality of membership is unheard of for a message board. I don't think I would be afraid to invite ANY member over for dinner...that's the easiest way I can explain it.

The amount of time the administrators and moderators spend on the site is almost unheard of, as well. One of them is almost always here!!! And if the aren't, the will respond to ANY messages they receive. I believe that is the main reason the message board and chat room are so well liked. Because before an issue arises, it is already resolved. No badmouthing, no swearing, no other problems!!!

After I spent some time on Outdoor-Fishing, I approached the administrators with an idea of holding a "member meet". Once most of the particulars were hashed out, we agreed to hold the first annual Espyville Outdoors/Outdoor-Fishing Member Meet on June 7-9, 2013! The idea has been well received by quite a few members and it looks like it will be a successful event.

That being said, Outdoor-Fishing HAS TO BE the best fishing site I have ever come across. I have never seen an equal!!!

desert rat

I joined after some of my friends from another site told me about Outdoor-fishing. I checked it out and after talking to some others I joined the site and have made many friends here.
I have learned a lot about fishing here talking to others who have a lot more experience than I do and what has made it even more enjoyable is even though I have asked many questions that at my old site would have gotten me a good ribbing for asking "dumb questions" here I have gotten nothing but help and a lot of answers. Some have come from folks much younger than I and some from others my own age or older.
Thanks for accepting me and for being here


I was checking out a local on line ad similar to craigslist and found an ad " Ice Fisherman Wanted " I thought cool maybe I can get paid to ice fish.... no such luck but I signed on and checked out O-F and have been here ever since .We had a local fishing derby here and the support we got from O-F it's sponsors and members was out standing. Great group of people here ....It is a true cyber family. Glad I found it hope to be here for a long time. Keep up the good work members It's the members that make this site successful.!


I happened upon O.F.quite by chance and got to looking at,joined and like what I've seen so far.The Youth Forum is a fantastic deal,The sponsors I'll have to look at a little more,I'm not too sure what some of the baits are{lol} we don't have many Walleye or Muskies down here,we do have the Chain Pickerl{aka Jackfish}those suckers have Teeth.Enough kidding this is a very good fishing forum you have covered all bases.Thank You!
After joining O.F. I was amazed at how friendly and helpful the other members are. The number of responses you get to questions and posts are fantastic. There are even posts not related to fishing that are helpful and it is all free.

bass or bass?

After joining O.F. I was amazed at how friendly and helpful the other members are. The number of responses you get to questions and posts are fantastic. There are even posts not related to fishing that are helpful and it is all free.
And that is why Outdoor-Fishing is not only "A great place to be" but also "THE place to talk fishing"! <><


Bronze Member
I ,like a few of the folks here lucked up and stumbled upon Outdoors-Fishing .com by researching or surfing the net for something fishing related but then was caught up with the knowledge of its members about old lures and fishing tips even though I can out fish most folks ,and thought I have heard every kinda fishing story or tip ever gave out ! And almost every time I went to the site a new member would join and share their tips and the old timers were holding out exact fishing spots but shared their their knowledge freely on how they caught them !And the just good clean site where even the kids that visit the site find it interesting
and non threatening. And oh yea ,met some new lifetime friends and a ton of free swag! Thanks to the folks that bring us the site and for its upkeep! So good Fishing and God Bless! Dugger