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Data Member's Registry North Carolina


Executive Administrator/Owner
Post your name here if you live in North Carolina. You could also post the Lakes, Rivers and Streams you Fish.


New member

I live in Charlotte, I'm 69, and I've been chasing trout since I was 12.

I'm new to NC fishing, and planning to prospect the mountain streams on ultralight spinning gear (mainly for browns hungry for nightcrawlers). This is new water for me, and it will be a discovery exercise. I'm not looking for a guide, but, rather, someone to share the adventure of finding new places to fish, while enjoying the outdoors. I'm not looking to teach someone to fish. And, if you're a fly fishing purist, this is likely to frustrate you, because a lot of these streams I'm wanting to try don't offer enough clear space to pickup a float and shoot bit back out there.

My wife thinks that I'm not quite right for wanting to totter around in a cold mountain stream at my advanced age {:-]. So, in deference to her, I'm looking for someone to join me for trout trips to the NC mountains. We can be like Lee Marvin and his horse in Cat Ballou, keeping each other mostly upright (with a little help from some solid object someplace). I also bought a nice walnut wading staff; t'is a thing of beauty it is; she thinks its use is to keep me from falling onto my face or into a hole. Me? Well, it may come in handy to beat a big fish into submission!

I'm thinking weekend trips, with calm fishing (no racing up a stream, trying to see how many pools we can fish) and either camping (hot showers are a must) or staying in a cabin or a motel. I love cooking out and have small portable gas appliances; grille, griddle, and stove. I also have an inverter for the car so I can still enjoy fresh ground coffee, made on the spot (whenever electricity isn't available).

If you think you might be interested in joining me, get back to me; and, we'll discuss it some. Thanks.